TOP Penis Extenders

There are a lot of different penis enlargement methods, which may someone asks the question – which is the most effective and safest method to extend your penis? Currently there are 4 major penis extending methods:

Penis enlargement surgeries – Developed in 80s, many many looked at it as a miracle. Unfortunately, over these years it has proven to be mostly ineffective and even harmful. Banned in many countries.

Penis extending exercises – although not that harmful, but mostly considered as ineffective and very short term. Avoid all articles promising noticeable gains in matter of days.

Penis pumps – Known for capillary damages, blisters and mostly short term results. While it can give some noticeable results, it will be very short term and will disappear in matter of minutes. They rely on method where the maximum amount of blood is forced to enter your penis. Well.. it’s difficult to pump much if the tissue forming your penis is small.

Penis extenders – basically the holy grail when it comes to healthy and long-term results. We have researched tons of different methods and no other could provide with such interesting, extraordinary results.

How do penis extenders work?

Penis like any other part of your body is trainable. What you do if you want to make your muscles bigger. You force them to apply a bigger weight, a bigger pressure. The more weight you apply, the more the tissue is forced to extend and new cells start to grow. The same is with penis extenders. They are devices which can be attached to penis and made so that you can easily control the pressure (length). You basically apply a gentle pressure by extending the devices (thus your penis) length. As you apply this pressure, it makes the penis tissue to extend and make small spaces. Later these spaces are filled with new penis tissue.

How safe are penis extenders?

Well, as far as it can be. There is only a small pressure added and you can easily control it by adjusting the device yourself. You should start with a little pressure you can. The are no vacuum applied which could harm your penis and its Urethra (uhh, don’t wont to even image it, but it’s true if you try to use some kind of penis pump). So generally speaking and that’s is only my opinion – it’s the most safest and effective method to give length and girth to your penis.

Which penis extender can you suggest?

First of all – avoid the cheap ones which promise amazing results. Although they could potentially provide with some results – trust me, you will regret it after the first time since the construction are made from the cheapest plastic which provide no comfort at all and tend to break easily. And often they provide the growth in length only. Image having longer but thinner penis – not so good, huh?

I can only suggest penis extenders which are made while working closely with doctors and men health specialists. For example, SizeGenetics have data behind it. It is made of high quality materials and the best packages comes with special powder and additional parts which make it so comfy to use.


The first noticeable results can be seen after the first weeks, but I would give a month to truly see great effect. Remember, penis extenders are long-term results which will give the permanent results and real erection.